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The courses we offer are - Guitar, Piano, Violin, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Flute and Painting. Besides regular courses we have many short-term courses as well. We also offer private classes and online music courses for students staying abroad or far away from our location.







Regular Class

You always have the option to learn online through our website. But if you would rather be a part of our physical classroom, feel free to contact: +8801718134714 (Zahed)
Here is a chart of our regular weekly class schedule:

Dampara Branch
Friday10:30am - 01:00pmGuitar/Ukulele
Friday03:00pm - 06:00pmGuitar/Ukulele/Piano
Saturday11:00am - 01:00pmPiano/Violin
Saturday03:00pm - 06:00pmGuitar/Ukulele
Sunday04:00pm - 06:00pmGuitar/Ukulele
Sunday06:00pm - 09:00pmGuitar/Ukulele
Tuesday04:00pm - 06:00pmGuitar/Ukulele/Violin
Halishahar Branch
Friday10:30am - 01:00pmGuitar/Ukulele
Monday04:00pm - 06:00pmGuitar/Ukulele/Piano


Completed a chapter or two in your selected courses and want to go abroad? We have your back. You will receive certification from the school when you finish all the chapters of a particular course. And if you have to leave mid-course, we will provide certification that details your achievement thus far in our institute.

Nazim Uddin Zahed
(Founder and Owner of Arpeggio, Band-The Tree)

I have always been drawn to music ever since my childhood. Growing up, I noticed a lack of opportunity in Chittagong for young musicians. I found many who wanted to learn but couldn’t because of proper guidance. I wanted to change that and play my part in ushering in a new era of musicians. That is the main inspiration behind forming Arpeggio.

Labib Ahmed Nizam
(Instructor: Guitar, Band – The Tree)

I was a student of Arpeggio back in 2010. This school taught me to enjoy life and feel the music. I found friends, I found mentors, and I found a passion that I never knew existed. And when I joined as an instructor in 2015, my experiences became a primary motivator for me to become a better musician and a better teacher. Life is beautiful with music in it, and that is what I want to teach my students.

Sarbojit Sen
(Instructor: Guitar, Band – Ghost Radio)

I owe much to Arpeggio. Every step in my musical journey is credited to the school and the passion towards music that I found here. I truly found a home in this school and in its students, I found a family. I want to teach my students everything that I learned in my musical journey so far; help them grow, and grow up with them at the same time.

Shazid Ul Alam
(Instructor: Keyboard, Band – Avocados)

Every student that comes to the school comes with a passion and a will to learn about music. I love being a part of their journey and helping them understand everything that they want to learn. And whenever I find someone asking a critical question related to theory or practice, it inspires me to do more research to help him or her. Music is supposed to be fun and about cooperation. Pressure has no place here, and that is what makes it truly special.

Parag Barua
(Instructor: Guitar, Flute, Band – Cotton in my Brain)

I love being an instructor. I get to share everything that I learned throughout my musical journey with a group of enthusiastic and passionate young musicians. And that is a very special feeling. It is truly magical to see my students performing their hearts out on stage and knowing that I could play a small role to play in his journey.

Mohammed Ullah Siddiki Dalim
(Instructor: Drums, Bands – Ex member Pumpkins )

I have had a fascination with drums since I was a child. Back in the year 2005, when I started learning drums, I went through a lot of hurdles for a lack of proper guidance and learning materials. Back then, technical guidance was not easy to find. The main reason I became a drums instructor is that I do not want any new musician to face the same struggles that I faced back in my days. Everyone who wants to learn should get proper help and support, and that is what I try to provide to my students.

Structured courses

From beginner to expert, you'll easily find courses that interest you!

For a musician, the early stage is usually the hardest. Without proper guidance and help, it is very easy for a student to lose interest in his instrument. We have created a structured syllabus that can guide a beginner to become an expert within a few short years. Our lessons are divided into short chapters to help a student capture knowledge faster and practice better.

Not everyone wants to shred, and not everyone wants to perform.

Some people just want to play some chords and sing along.

Whichever group you fall into, you will find all the help you want from Arpeggio Music School and Workshop.


•Q : Where is Arpeggio Music School and Workshop located and how do I get in touch?

•A : Head Quarter: 361/ A, MM Ali Road Circle, Dampara Chattogram
Halisahar branch: Block L, Lane 3, Road 1, House 14, Halishahar, Chattogram

•Q : What courses are available?

•A : Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Drums, Flute

•Q : How long are the courses?

•A : 2 years

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Branches: Dampara, Halishahar

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